Foam One-One

Existing Homes

Existing Attics

Retrofitting with a closed attic assembly will greatly reduce energy loss through air leakage contributed to vented attics. In fact, 40% of energy loss according to the Department of Energy is due to air leakage. This is why energy savings can be so drastic after installing spray foam in the roof deck as a vent-less attic system. Another benefit is effective R-Value as well as radiant heat protection. Most closed-attic assemblies create an attic space that is no more than 5 to 10 degrees different than the conditioned space below.

However, changing the current performance of your house by encapsulating the roof line with air-tight spray foam may not complement current HVAC design. It is highly recommended to have an HVAC specialist examine how your home unit will effectively condition, regulate humidity, and even introduce recovery air into a house with far less air leakage.

Not every house is suitable for a spray foam retrofitted attic. Call us today and we will help you decide if spray foam is right for your energy upgrade.