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Insulation - Removal

At Foam One-One our philosophy has always held fast to best practices keeping our customer’s highest interest in mind.  We believe it is best practice to remove any and all fibrous insulation along the attic floor when upgrading a traditional attic space to an unvented system using spray foam. Removing preexisting insulation promotes air exchange between the attic space and conditioned space below in order to effectively manage humidity throughout the attic space.  It also removes potential odor problems caused by rodents or insects that may be lingering in the fibrous insulation. 

Foam-One-One uses high-quality vacuums to quickly remove blown-in attic insulation, bagging and removing all the vacuumed material from your premises.  Our full-service offering to homeowners makes us one of the most capable companies to help you upgrade your attic’s efficiency the right way.