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Foam-One-One works with builders, homeowners, and business professionals.  Consultation early in the planning phase is recommended, but not always what happens.  For a quote on your next project or if you are simply interested in more information, feel free to call or email us at the contact information listed on our page.

New construction provides the best opportunity to optimize the efficiency of your home’s thermal envelope by combining the use of spray foam insulation and the engineering precision of a Manual J Heat Load Calculation.  Encapsulated walls and roof lines create a complete air seal coupled with an outstanding effective R-Value to control conductive heat transfer, air movement (convective heat transfer), and radiant heat loads.  The unvented attic assembly will establish a temperature no more than 7-10 degrees F different than the conditioned living space.  Now duct work, HVAC equipment, and other appliances placed in the attic are no longer subjected to 140+ degree summer afternoons and sub-freezing winter nights.  The semi-conditioned attic improves appliance performance and will no doubt add longevity to their operating lifespan.

Considering spray foam in the design phase of your new construction project allows the easiest access to walls and roof lines.  Spraying a roof line once the house or building is complete is possible in many instances but requires additional diligence and lengthier install times.  Applying foam in walls already sheet-rocked is possible but generally hard to justify because of its labor intensity and the intrusive nature of the install through the drywall.  (See FAQ section “Can You Spray My Existing Walls” for more information). 

Call us today to discuss your new construction project.  We will work with you to ensure your home or building is insulated properly.  Right from the start.